Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro


1891 - 1927


Feast Day: November 23rd

José Ramón Miguel Agustín Pro Juárez, also known as Blessed Miguel Pro was a Mexican Jesuit Catholic priest. Falsely accused in the bombing attempt on a former Mexican president, Miguel became a wanted man. Betrayed to the police, he was sentenced to death without the benefit of any legal process. On the day of his execution, Fr. Pro forgave his executioners, prayed, bravely refused the blindfold and died proclaiming, "Viva Cristo Rey", "Long live Christ the King!" Known for his religious piety and innocence, he was beatified by Pope John Paul II as a Catholic martyr on September 25, 1988.


Fatima Children

Feast Day: February 20th

Francisco Marto (June 11, 1908 – April 4, 1919), his sister Jacinta Marto (March 11, 1910 – February 20, 1920) and their cousin Lucia Santos ( 1907–2005) Known as the children of Fatima witnessed three apparitions of an angel  in 1916 and several apparitions of theBlessed Virgin Mary in 1917. The siblings were victims of the great 1918 influenza epidemic that swept through Europe that year. These 2 little souls suffered much before they died and offered it all for the conversion of sinners.


Saint Charbel Makhlouf




Feast day: July 24

Saint Charbel, born in a small village in Lebanon, to a poor religious family, entered the Maronite Monastery of St. Maroun, (A Lebanese Maronite order) at 23 and was ordained a priest in1859. He served there for 16 years, then retired to the hermitage of Sts. Peter and Paul. Charbel lived a severe ascetic life of prayer, mortification and self-denial and had a remarkable devotion to the Eucharist. He had a massive stroke while saying Mass on Christmas Eve and died 7 days later. For 45 days a bright light surrounded his tomb. The monks exhumed his body and it was found incorrupt. For approximately 62 years a viscous liquid came from his body. Many miracles are attributed to his intercession.